My name is Elise Meunier, also known as Lili Youri Tchekhov. I am a French director and photographer, awarded with a Fine-Arts diploma (Master Degree) in 2018. I’ve spent several years directing my own documentaries and portrait films. I am now an independent freelance videographer, passionate about the singularity in each individual, and combining my video skills with the unique and diverse projects of my clients.

My main point of interest goes towards everything involving music, such as music videos, aftermovies at festivals, close-up documentation of musicians to introduce them to their audience (interviews, behind the scenes, portraits etc…). I thrive on capturing the spontaneous moments of expression and freedom that music induces.

However, I also provide my services to a professional standard for any institution who seeks to communicate and display their activities through video. This includes more private activities such as weddings, working with web influencers etc…

I’m based in London and Marseille (FR) but I can travel to make your project come true ! Don’t hesitate to contact me at contact.lytfilms@gmail.com, I’m looking forward to discuss your ideas!

For more direct information, please visit the VIDEO SERVICES section of my website.